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Don’t let ‘getting finance’ hold you up from whatever adventure you have in mind. We have access to a wide range of bike loan products from an extensive list of lenders right around Australia and it’s our mission to make sure you get on your new bike ASAP. No loan is too difficult and that even includes bikes that are not licenced for the road (trail bikes and quad bikes).

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When you’re looking for a bike loan, we can help.

Whether you choose to buy your bike at a dealership or through a private sale, we can offer you flexible bike loans at the most competitive rates. Plus, we check the history and valuation of your new or used bike and even talk to the dealer for you. We help lots of people with a wide range of personal circumstances get the best loan for them.

  • Buying a bike privately or from a dealership
  • Young people – First time borrowers
  • Just moved to Australia or on a Visa
  • Buying for a family member (Daughter or Son)
  • Buying for Business Use – Buying from a company or as a sole trader
  • Same day bike loans & pre-approvals so you can walk in with confidence
  • Bad credit and second chance loans

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